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The distribution of normality values does not show a typical distribution. Thus, values higher than the 97th percentile are considered pathological. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis. About a year later, my doctor called to say that my AST level was 93 and my ALT level was 232.

Ast is high

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It is important to realize that the AST level in most patients with hepatitis C goes up and down. If you go outside (or too high) this range then you are considered to have elevated liver enzymes. The standard range largely depends on the laboratory but in general, is somewhere around 0-45 IU/l for ALT and 0-30 IU/l for AST. If your AST and ALT are higher than the 45 and 35 then they are said to be "elevated". AST Blood Test high A high value of the AST test is when the units per liter of serum value are higher than the normal range. This is a sign of liver damage; however, it may also mean damage to some other organs like heart or kidneys. It is also to be kept in mind that a higher level of these liver enzymes doesn’t necessarily be liver disease. Elevated liver enzymes often indicate inflammation or damage to cells in the liver.

It can be consequence of fatty liver,  High levels of AST (aspartate aminotransferase) and ALT (alanine aminotransferase), two different types of enzymes in the body, can be signs of muscle. Blood chemistry and CBC found a potassium low at 3.2, chloride low 113, AST high 70, monocytes high 684, and T4/fPL both normal.

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In practice for 20+ years, Dr. Blume treats over 65 conditions including abdominal pain, appetite loss, blood in stool, celiac disease, colon cancer, esophageal and liver disease, gas and IBS. AST blood test high. Very high levels of AST (more than 10 times normal) are usually due to acute hepatitis, sometimes due to a viral infection. With acute hepatitis, AST levels usually stay high for about 1-2 months but can take as long as 3-6 months to return to normal.

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Ast is high

Elevated liver enzymes usually are not a life-threatening condition, but high ALT and AST do warrant prompt medical attention. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis caused more than 39,000 deaths in the United States in 2005, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the hospitalization of about 112,000 people 1. 2019-10-23 · High or low levels of AST indicates that you are suffering from some liver disease and need medical attention.

Ast is high

In general, in Since AST is found in various organs like liver, kidneys, heart, skeletal muscles, and brain, elevation of AST level could also be related to acute cardiac or skeletal muscle injury. A lesser degree of ALT elevation could also signal skeletal muscle injury or it is simply a bodily reaction after vigorous exercise. Very high ALT levels (up to 50 times normal) suggest viral or severe drug-induced hepatitis, or other hepatic disease with extensive necrosis (death of liver cells). (AST levels are also elevated but usually to a lesser degree.) As far as I know, it is the ratio of AST/ALT that is important. Since I read (see below) of the ratio of AST/ALT, I have been tracking it as one of several biomarkers to assess how well I am doing - my bladder cancer is one that is known for its h 2020-06-02 · AST is non-specific to the liver; this means it can be found in other organs of the body, and its levels can be elevated for a number of different reasons, such as a heart attack, acute pancreatitis or some infections, like mononucleosis. ALT is also a non-specific enzyme. Be sure to speak to your doctor and don't freak out!
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My ALT is 140, AST is 40, and Bilirubin is 0.3. I haven't spoken with my doctor because the results came directly from the lab. What does it mean if you have high ALT, but normal AST? Very high levels of AST (more than 10 times the highest normal level) are usually due to a rapidly developing liver disease called acute hepatitis, which is often due to a virus infection. In acute hepatitis, AST levels usually stay elevated for about 1–2 months, but can take as long as 3–6 months to return to normal.

A variety of factors that can affect your results. 2018-07-13 2006-01-16 High levels of AST. There are high levels of AST enzymes in kidney, heart, liver, muscle tissues and pancreas.
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When the test for the AST is done and found to be abnormal, the liver could be under attack. 2018-07-13 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis. About a year later, my doctor called to say that my AST level was 93 and my ALT level was 232. This was cause for alarm so I went into the hospital. I am not a drinker but have fatty liver.