To Love-Ru Story Creator: Darkness Is Not the Final Chapter


rito, momo y mea to love ru minimalist 4k Ultra HD Wallpaper

E a aura de Rito fica brilhando amarelo. Rito said. Momo laughed. She expected as much. Then, she bent over and took off Rito's pants and started stroking his cock. Rito moaned in response. She smiled and put it into her mouth.

Rito momo

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Summary. Momo walks into Rito's classroom to see him and Haruna standing over a pile of Lala's inventions.


Rito momo

"You beast what are you doing with Momo?" She then jumps on Rito and puts him in a headlock. "Morning Nana." Rito says calmly in her After Lala's sisters Momo Bella Deviluke and Nana Aster Deviluke come to Earth, the realization that Rito is allowed to have multiple brides came to him, Lala and Haruna while Momo is secretly trying to work towards making Rito have a big harem consisting of the classmates of his who have dormant feelings for him. Bathing Scenes Mikan mistakenly believes Momo and Rito are doing something naughty after hearing a bit of suggestive dialogue. It turns out that they're just playing a video game. Mikan even lampshades the familiarity of the scene. Of course, this being Momo (who notes she didn't sneak into Rito's bed "this time"), the innuendo probably wasn't so innocent at all.

Rito momo

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She smiled and put it into her mouth. "Ahh, Momo." Rito moaned. The feeling of her mouth over his cock was unbearable.
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Rito, Villarrica (Paraguay). 3,481 likes · 3,572 talking about this. Página para momos y vídeo random y información del juego Momo then learns from Lala that Rito loves both Lala and Haruna, and since he will become king of Deviluke he can marry both girls, and return both of their love. Inspired, Momo begins a plan to eliminate Rito’s indecisive nature and create him a harem, that way Momo and the other girls who love Rito can have their love for him be fulfilled. Explore the rito, nana and momo collection - the favourite images chosen by magic135 on DeviantArt. 2017-04-05 Rito, Villarrica (Paraguay).